Phantasma boldly enters into a new dimension of metaverse entertainment. MYX Metaverse is a free to play and semi-open world Oculus Quest VR experience by Funder Gaming Studios. This partnership will integrate Phantasma Smart NFTs directly into their metaverse with an experience that sets new benchmarks in graphical fidelity on the Quest mobile device. District One, a vibrant cyberpunk themed city is the first release in the MYX Metaverse. Many more Districts are being planned with each having a different theme that combines elements of social, game play, monetization, advertising and NFT ticket sales for hosted real world events.

What is the MYX Metaverse?

With a user base of 10,000 and growing, enter the MYX metaverse with a first person custom made full-body avatar from ReadyPlayerMe, own a Smart NFT apartment customized with Smart NFT furniture and decor. Invite your friends over to hang out with real time live chat and have a social party. Then as a group, head out and explore the nightlife of District One. Visit a variety of different night clubs with real world clubs looking to build a presence in the MYX Metaverse for a wide range of atmospheres and music. Major event organizers are lining up to discuss streaming live content such as DJ performances and full scale live concerts accessible with Smart NFT tickets. Other developments coming soon within the MYX Metaverse environment include tokenomics with their token Arkadia (ARK), in-game tv/browser, private room capability and further technical achievements. Integration with Phantasma is currently underway and will capitalize on the power of Smart NFT technology.

Who is the Team Behind MYX Metaverse?

Funder Gaming Studio, the team behind MYX Metaverse is a New Zealand based Game developer focused on B2B and B2C gamification services, recently being partially acquired by Apogee Entertainment, (Publisher of titles such as: Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Max Payne). Additional B2B services include next-gen marketing capabilities, focusing heavily on connecting brands with consumers via creative, cutting edge avenues such as in-virtual world billboard advertising or 3D product placement inside virtual reality experiences.

Enter the MYX Metaverse

Interested in checking out the MYX Metaverse – District One right now? Grab your Oculus Quest VR gear and download the early access version here at Don’t have VR gear? Check out this demonstration tutorial video of what you can expect from MYX Metaverse. Phantasma’s technology is completely aligned with the visionary team of Funder Gaming Studios and their pursuit of building a revolutionary experience in the MYX Metaverse. This collaboration will lead to technical achievements to further bring the Phantasma blockchain into the VR experience. A sincere welcome to the MYX Metaverse and the Funder Gaming Studio team to the Phantasma ecosystem family!

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