Dear SOULdiers,

The Phantasma contributors are happy to inform you that the process to migrate all Nep5 SOUL tokens from the old Neo Legacy blockchain to the Phantasma mainnet is starting now.

As most community members will know, there has been a moderate number of Nep5 SOUL tokens sitting in user wallets on the Neo Legacy blockchain for some time while the cross-chain bridging of assets has been unavailable. Being able to securely migrate these tokens to the Phantasma mainnet requires making snapshots of the Neo Legacy blockchain, filtering through all addresses to ensure that no tokens resulting from earlier exploits or controlled by potentially malicious wallets can be migrated, as well as designing address matching tools and distribution mechanisms to enable token holders to migrate these tokens home to the Phantasma mainnet where they belong.

The snapshot of all Neo Legacy SOUL wallet balances was completed some time ago, and proper filtering and investigations to exclude any addresses related to malicious historical transactions has been completed. The resulting database of wallet addresses and Nep5 SOUL token balances will form the basis for all claimable amounts of mainnet SOUL tokens. A tool based on the Pharming related cross chain address matching mechanism has been devised, allowing secure matching of Neo Legacy addresses to the Phantasma mainnet address controlled by the same private key.

Please note: The snapshot of the Neo Legacy blockchain was done at block height 11,485,095 on Sept 20th 2023. Due to there being no liquidity on Neo Legacy it is expected that very few token holders will have moved their tokens after this time. However, if you have moved your Nep5 SOUL tokens to a different wallet after this time, please transfer them back to the wallet they were held in on Sept 20th 2023 before block height 11,485,095 before registering your claim. If this is not possible, please follow the steps outlined for hardware wallet users (note that this will delay your mainnet token distribution as it will require extra manual validation).

The Phantasma contributors wish to invite all tokens holders with Nep5 SOUL tokens on the Neo Legacy blockchain (addresses starting with an “A…”) to head over to the Neo Migration claim tool to register their claim, Neo Legacy public address and corresponding Phantasma mainnet addresses where the SOUL tokens will be distributed. The procedure is exceedingly simple for end users, and requires the following:

  1. Import the private key (WIF, HEX or seed word format) of the wallet holding your Nep5 SOUL tokens into the latest version of Poltergeist (v2.8.11 or later) if you have not already done so
  2. Open the Neo Migration claim tool in your favourite browser
  3. Click “Poltergeist”
  4. Sign the transaction in your Poltergeist wallet (this uses your private key to match public addresses across blockchains, ensuring that tokens can only be distributed to an address that you control)

Please note: The address matching process will be ongoing for a period of time before the distribution of mainnet SOUL commences. It will be announced through Phantasma’s official channels as soon as distribution has started. The initial distributions will undergo extra manual validation for security purposes, after which the process will be automated. The Phantasma contributors highly recommend registering your claim as soon as possible. While there is no deadline set to be able to claim your mainnet tokens, registering early ensures that you will receive liquid and usable mainnet SOUL tokens as quickly as possible.

Important notice – hardware wallets: Users holding Nep5 SOUL tokens in a hardware wallet and being either unable to, or for security reasons not wishing to, expose their private key outside of the hardware wallet can avoid doing so. If this applies to you, please carefully follow the below steps:

  1. Open a wallet in Poltergeist (download Poltergeist and create a new wallet if you don’t have one already – remember to back up your seed phrase / private key)
  2. Click the Neo Legacy icon at the top left in the open wallet and note the public address displayed (starts with an “A…” like all Neo Legacy public addresses) 
  3. Send your Nep5 SOUL tokens from your hardware wallet to the Neo Legacy public address displayed in your Poltergeist wallet
  4. Register your claim as per the steps listed above
  5. Contact an admin in the official Phantasma Telegram community and provide the following information:
    • Neo Legacy public address from Poltergeist
    • Hardware wallet public address
    • Explorer link to the transaction moving your Nep5 SOUL from the hardware wallet to the public address from Poltergeist (can be easily retrieved from Neotube)

The above procedure will ensure that your hardware wallet remains exactly as secure as it is supposed to be, and you avoid the risk associated with exporting and exposing private keys outside of the hardware wallet. The reason why it is necessary to provide the mentioned information to an admin, is that moving your funds between addresses means that your registered claim will not match the snapshot’s claimable balances, and thus a manual validation is required.

The Phantasma Contributors