Hacken’s thorough security audit of the complete Phantasma blockchain codebase opens doors, and paves the way for expansion and exciting new opportunities! With an impressive 8.5 security score and 8.0 overall score, developers and exchange operators alike can confidently integrate the powerful Phantasma blockchain!

We are immensely pleased to announce that our valued exchange partner Kucoin has integrated support for Phantasma’s native SOUL tokens on their exchange. The token swap from old Nep5 SOUL to native SOUL has already been performed, and users can seamlessly start trading, depositing and withdrawing mainnet SOUL tokens on the Kucoin exchange. Additionally, deposits and withdrawals of mainnet SOUL can easily be done from and to your Phantasma mainnet address within the Poltergeist and Ecto wallets.

Massively lowering the threshold for adoption, the ability for traders and new ecosystem users alike to directly access our mainnet tokens – without the need for cross-chain bridging – marks an important new phase for our ecosystem!

Kucoin’s official announcement:

Head over to Kucoin to start trading:

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