What is SOUL used for?

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  • Earns 0.002 KCAL every day per SOUL staked, ie 100 KCAL per day for 50,000 SOUL staked.
  • Earns voting power for decentralized governance
  • Earns a decentralized storage allocation of 40 KB per SOUL staked, ie 2 GB for 50,000 SOUL staked


  • Make your voice heard in matters of the chain. Decentralized governance provides the opportunity to change chain parameters through consensus among token holders.

Decentralized storage

  • Store your most precious files – or perhaps even a dApp – replicated throughout our block producers. Encrypted – safe.


  • Buy games, artwork, music and more with your SOUL. Pavillion game hub and the GhostMarket NFT marketplace are where you want to be!

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