What is KCAL used for?

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If you are going to use the Phantasma blockchain and ecosystem at all, you need KCAL. KCAL is used for fees for every single thing that happens on the blockchain, whether you interact with a dApp or just play around in your own wallets. KCAL is used for:

All transactions

  • Sending fungible or non fungible tokens between wallets
  • Staking SOUL
  • Claiming earned KCAL
  • Cross chain swaps
  • Cosmic swaps
  • Setting your on chain wallet name
  • Setting your on chain wallet avatar

NFT minting

  • Minting your very own NFTs, whether it’s music, art or something else, requires KCAL. Half of this KCAL is burned directly, contributing to the deflation of the KCAL supply.


  • Buy games, artwork, music and more with your SOUL. Pavillion game hub and GhostMarket NFT marketplace are where you want to be!
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