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The total supply or SOUL is largely unlocked – a small inflation ensures sustainability

The initial maximum supply of SOUL was originally set to 100,000,000. After some optimizations along the way, including the burning of 6 million tokens during the transition to perpetual Soul Master SOUL rewards, the initial SOUL supply at mainnet launch was 94,000,000 in October 2019.

The SOUL supply is governed by our sustainability focus, where a small annual inflation ensures availability of developer funds and incentivizes our block producers. This annual inflation rate is set to 3%, of which 1% or 1/3rd is allocated to the decentralized developer group Phantom Force, 1% or 1/3rd is allocated to block producer incentivization, and the final 1% or 1/3rd is allocated to ecosystem incentives. 20% of the ecosystem incentives are currently allocated to the CROWN loyalty NFTs to long term Soul Masters on a quarterly basis.

In addition to the above, significant long term stakers of SOUL are rewarded with Soul Master SOUL rewards on a monthly basis. Every month, 125,000 SOUL is minted and distributed in equal shares to all eligible Soul Masters who have staked at least 50,000 SOUL in a single wallet throughout the entire previous calendar month.

The total supply of SOUL can always be found directly here or on CoinGecko.

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