Phantasma’s native oracles

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Most chains that want to step into the future of blockchain have been looking to integrate oracle functionality. This is a necessity to be able to connect real world data (price feeds, weather, you name it) to the blockchain.

However, because most blockchains don’t have oracles as part of their core design, they seek to integrate third party solutions. Some of the most well known third party oracle providers are LINK, BAND, TELLOR etc.

Work with anyone, depend on no-one

While we certainly do not mind third party oracle providers, we are committed to never relying on third parties for anything that concerns our chain. Hence we built our own oracles, natively, into the core of our chain.

So – LINK, BAND etc? Yes, happy to integrate their services as it benefits Phantasma. However, we have our own excellent set of tools built into our core.

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