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A significant challenge for many dApp developers is handling the cryptography of blockchain wallets. On the one hand you actually need to know cryptography well enough to be able to implement it. On the other hand, if you make a mistake you risk loss of your users’ funds. The latter can be disastrous.

That is why Phantasma enables dApp creators to use our native solution instead. Phantasma Link acts as a dApp connector between the dApp, our wallets and the blockchain. The user can get started with your dApp right away, without the need to make or import accounts. Simply keep your wallet open in the background and use it to sign any transactions taking place.

Currently both Ecto wallet and Poltergeist wallet support Phantasma Link, and any dApp can be built to support it. It takes the stress off of the shoulders of dApp creators, letting them focus on what they love the most – creating killer dApps!

The cross chain NFT marketplace GhostMarket, created by GhostDevs, is an excellent example of Phantasma Link in action. Connect your Ecto or Poltergeist wallet – browse and find your favourite NFTs – confirm the purchase in your wallet. Minting your own NFTs works exactly the same way. No need to give the dApp access to your private keys. Simply confirm the minting in your wallet, and the NFT is automatically delivered to it right after.

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