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Our decentralized storage solution is one of the multitude of features Phantasma brings to the blockchain table. Our block producers store your most precious data in a secure fashion, replicated across our nodes. You can choose between storing the data encrypted or open to the public depending on your preferences. This is perfect for the ultimate unstoppable dApps which can in some cases be stored entirely in our node network. Also, for the average user who simply wants to maintain a backup of some particularly important personal files, Phantasma delivers this feature securely encrypted and password protected.

To earn your storage allocation you simply stake your SOUL. Storage cannot be bought or sold, only earned. Each SOUL staked provides 40 kilobytes worth of storage. At scale, 1,000 SOUL staked provides 40 megabytes of decentralized storage, while a Soul Master with 50,000 SOUL staked earns a 2 gigabyte storage allocation on the Phantasma nodes. This storage solution is self scalable and redundant, ensuring the safety of your data. To ensure that you do not accidentally lose storage space that is already in use, it is impossible to unstake SOUL that is currently in use for storage purposes. Removing the stored files automatically frees up your staked SOUL and allows you to unstake your SOUL if you wish.

Initially, uploading and managing your stored data is available through the Poltergeist wallet. Further dApps utilizing our decentralized storage will be available later, both from the Phantasma team and the wider developer ecosystem.

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