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GhostMarket is the NFT Marketplace on Phantasma and hosts the NFT self minting service uMint. On GhostMarket you are able to trade any type of NFT living on the Phantasma blockchain with your fellow SOULdiers. You can even create your own with a few clicks – for just a few cents.

There’s no need to enter your private keys anywhere to trade on GhostMarket. You can simply use our existing secure wallets – either the standalone Poltergeist wallet, or the browser extension Ecto wallet – and connect through our native dApp connector Phantasma Link. This way you can trade with peace of mind, approving any transaction in your wallet of choice before any transaction is broadcast and confirmed on chain.

GhostMarket offers a large selection of NFTs for sale in several different categories. You have the core chain generated NFTs, the CROWNs, which are highly sought after for their KCAL power-ups. In addition you can browse the vast selection of hypercars, game licenses and car parts in the 22 Racing Series section.

However, the section that has received the most attention since it launched in December 2020 is the art and music section. Here you can dive in and explore exquisite pieces of art created by talented artists from around the world, enjoy powerful music from our groundbreaking artists, or be amazed by experimental NFT concepts like NFTs infused within NFTs infused within NFTs – how about an InceptioNFT like NFT puzzle?

If you’d like to try minting your own NFTs on Ghostmarket you can follow their helpful user guide here

Words don’t do GhostMarket justice though, you are better off heading over there to experience it for yourself.

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