How To Create an NFT

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The uMint NFT Factory allows anyone to create their own unique Smart NFTs representing their media of choice. A digital art creator can mint NFTs representing his artwork — unique or as numbered limited editions. A musician can mint NFTs of their new tracks — whether unique masters or their new single. The actual media is securely stored in a decentralized manner using the proven IPFS technology, and the NFT can be listed directly in the NFT marketplace in the very same transaction that creates it. To ensure that the original artist benefits from second hand sales a royalty percentage on all new sales can be hardcoded into the NFT’s ROM (Read Only Memory) — while changeable attributes can be stored in the NFT’s RAM (Random Access Memory).

The uMint NFT Factory uses a custom smart contract to facilitate Smart NFT minting, and one of the many capability expansions coming up from GhostDevs will be to allow artists to deploy their own custom smart contract at the click of a button — to further stand apart and solidify their branding.

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