Become a Phantasma Pharmer today

Joining Phantasma’s innovative cross chain and multi DEX liquidity incentivization program is almost too easy. We have taken every step to ensure that all who wish to contribute to SOUL & KCAL‘s liquidity on Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap will be able to earn rewards without having to jump through unnecessary hoops or require deep technical abilities. All you need is to ensure that you have imported the private key of the wallet you are using to provide liquidity on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain into either Poltergeist or Ecto wallet. If you don’t have your Phantasma wallet yet, you can get it here.

For details about the Pharming mechanics and reward pools, have a read here. To learn how to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap, follow this tutorial. For those providing Uniswap V3 liquidity, the liquidity migration article provides some pointers – take care to choose a sensible LP range.

Importing a private key from Metamask

We realize that some may be providing liquidity using an Ethereum/BSC wallet that is separate from their Phantasma wallets, and the most popular choice is Metamask. If this sounds like you, you should export the private key (HEX format) from Metamask by following the simple steps available here.

Having done that, you can import it into either Ecto or Poltergeist in seconds to gain access to not just your Ethereum or BSC address, but also their corresponding Phantasma mainnet address – all from the same private key! If you need any pointers, feel free to visit our wallet tutorials.

Registering your liquidity

Regardless of whether you have provided liquidity on PancakeSwap or Uniswap V3, registering your provided liquidity is as easy as simply logging into the Pharming dApp. Make sure you have the correct wallet open in Ecto or Poltergeist, and click the log in button.

The Pharming backend will automatically fetch your corresponding Ethereum and BSC public addresses and read their LP token and LP NFT balances. Please allow some time for the data to populate, and hard refresh the Pharming dApp after a while if needed. Now, what else do you have to do to earn rewards? The simple answer is: nothing. You are done, and will be earning rewards from now on based on your share of the Pharmed liquidity pools.

Pharming rewards update every 24 hours, and you can claim them at any time. Please mind that with Uniswap V3’s custom LP ranges, you need to ensure that you are actually providing liquidity – if the chosen range for your provided liquidity does not include the current price, your tokens are not being used and you will not earn rewards. This requirements ensures that no one can provide “extreme one sided liquidity” to poach the rewards of legitimate Pharmers.

Monitor your Pharming performance

To easily monitor your Pharming stats and performance, just expand the pool(s) you are providing liquidity for. The pool view contains useful metrics such as your share of the Pharmed assets, your current earnings and APY, number of current Pharmers, token values, trading volumes and more. Claiming your accumulated rewards is as easy as clicking the button and confirming the claim in your Ecto or Poltergeist wallet.

Phantasma partners have expressed interest in utilizing our Pharming protocol to incentivize DEX liquidity across chains, so expect more Pharming pools to become available in due time.

Happy Pharming!

Your Phantasma Team and the Phantom Force