Tipping bots have been highly popular in various Telegram communities for a long time. Being able to show a little extra gratitude towards that kind person who just helped you gain new insights is great, and now it’s easier than ever to /gift SomeoneHelpful a token of your appreciation!

The normal way to tip in most instances is with fungible tokens. In our case, that would be a little SOUL or KCAL. However, Phantasma is all about the Phantasma Smart NFTs, so what would a tipping service be if it did not support tipping Smart NFTs?

Tipping Phantasma Smart NFTs!

And that is exactly what the great guys over at Tipply have done for us. Not only have they integrated support for our mainnet technology and SOUL & KCAL, they even added support for Phantasma Smart NFTs! In the process, because they’re simply great people, they even enhanced our Python SDK!

View your tipping wallet’s balances

It’s easy to get started — simply register with the bot over at Telegram, input your preferred address to use (we recommend a separate wallet address for such purposes) and get tipping! There’s a nice little help section available to guide you through the easy use of the tipping bot, but to get started just find someone you appreciate and respond to them with /gift 1 KCAL — and see their smile grow! To tip a Smart NFT you can always check your Tipply wallet balances and copy the full name and mint number of the NFT you wish to tip from there.

Tipping with Phantasma’s signature super low fees

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Telegram’s new best friend, get registered and start showing a new form of appreciation for the SOULdiers who go that extra mile for you!

The Future is Tip Top,

Your Phantasma Team