“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C.Clarke

Phantasma powers up developers

The exclusive “22 Racing Series: Travala Cup” NFT part pack. These part packs are programmed to randomly create 5 NFT car parts once opened.

The Inception

Transaction information of the inception of the seven individual 22RS NFT part packs being minted

The Travala part packs in Poltergeist wallet

The Conjuring

Once the part pack NFT is opened it is burned, and 5 new random NFTs appeared in my wallet. One of which was the Travala hypercar!
Transaction details of the on-demand minting of the 5 random NFT car parts and the burning of the original parts pack along with the transaction and block hashes

A roll of the dice

The probability of receiving any one specific part type in a dice roll is shown

Transparency is the best policy