Phantasma is pleased to inform you that one of our esteemed community members, turned Phantasma contributor, has taken it upon himself to reach out to and set up a collaboration with the privacy-focused exchange service HoudiniSwap!

Up and running since July 2022 and with more than $55M in assets divided across more than 22,000 swaps flowing through their routing system, HoudiniSwap has experienced a net total of zero hacks, zero lost transactions, and a whole lot of happy users. With a growth rate week over week of approximately 20% for both users and swap volume, HoudiniSwap is proving to be an ambitious contender in the exchange space.

In short, a swap through HoudiniSwap functions much like 1Inch, where each swap is routed through a network of centralized and decentralized exchanges, with an option to utilize Monero as part of the swap routing to increase privacy. As a protective measure, all known wallets associated with hacks are blacklisted.

With their recent VC investment and signing of crypto profile Mario Nawfal as a media partner and advisor, HoudiniSwap is looking to keep growing.

Check out HoudiniSwap’s Twitter and Telegram communities, and join the movement at

Since its inception, Phantasma has grown through the initiatives and efforts of contributors sharing the vision and goals of the decentralized Phantasma blockchain project. Ideas flow freely, individuals come together, and each and every one of us can make our mark on Phantasma’s future. Like the contributor who set up the collaboration with HoudiniSwap. If you have an idea for something that would bring Phantasma yet another step into the future, join the collective of contributors and make good things happen!

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