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Built For Gaming

The technological backbone of the future of gaming – enabling a silky smooth user experience while increasing developer revenue and empowering gamers through true digital ownership

Delivering games through the groundbreaking Pavillion game hub by GOATibuilt by game devs for game devs and gamers alike

Extending Steam functionality – publish your games on Steam, Pavillion or both, and let users access their full Steam library while enabling a blockchain powered in-game economy.

Taking digital asset ownership to the next level through full user control of assets utilizing Phantasma Smart NFT technology!

Non-Fungible Tokens

Unique – Intelligent – Provably Authentic. Phantasma Smart NFTs unlock near limitless possibilities for Artists and Developers at a minimal cost compared to ETH.

Whether you are publishing blockchain enabled games on our NFT powered gaming platform, innovative dApps or you’re an artist creating music or beautiful pieces of digital art – Phantasma has you covered.

Our native Smart NFT technology is built into our chain at its core, not slapped on top as a lazy afterthought.

  • Create on demand, no unnecessary costs
  • Nested NFTs and Multi layered NFTs
  • Perpetual royalties, automatically
  • Time-limited access to content
  • Infusing multiple assets – and more
Dual Token Economy

Govern with SOUL – Fuel your experience with KCAL

Phantasma’s dual token system ensures a healthy token economy with a multitude of use cases and clearly defined utility for each token.

Get SOUL and stake it to govern Phantasma

  • Vote for governance proposals
  • Earn KCAL every day, use Phantasma for free
  • Secure your unique Phantasma name – forever
  • Get your secure Phantasma storage

Everything on Phantasma is powered by KCAL

  • Cover transaction fees
  • Mint Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Deploy smart contracts
  • Chat and send Phantasma dMail
Writer’s Lounge

The Phantasma Writer’s Lounge is a team dedicated to writing news and articles related to the Phantasma Ecosystem

Get your Phantasma Wallet!

The highly advanced and fully featured Poltergeist wallet is the preferred wallet choice for Phantasma users.

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