We are happy to announce that Phantasma has partnered with the multi-chain marketplace HoDooi.com, currently operating on the Binance Smart Chain!

With 15,000 active users and multiple high profile launches under their belt such as exclusive collections from MMA Bellator Womens Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg and Two Time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tyson Fury, HoDooi.com has aggressive growth plans and aims to expand their marketplace to multiple blockchains. Launched by Travala.com Co-Founder and now CEO of HoDooi.com Matt Luczynski, HoDooi.com joins a series of companies within the blockchain industry in discovering the capabilities and value adding services offered by the Phantasma blockchain and cross chain capabilities.


Cross Chain Interoperability opening new doors

As part of the partnership, Phantasma will enable cross chain swapping of HoDooi.com’s HOD tokens across Binance Smart Chain, the Phantasma mainnet and Ethereum. This enables HoDooi.com users and HOD holders to access new markets and improve access to liquidity options. Furthermore, the cross chain assets flow augments HoDooi.com’s growth strategy while bringing their user base along for this inter chain Phantastic journey!


Expanding Phantasma Pharming

Having taken a deep dive into our upcoming liquidity incentivization program Phantasma Pharming, HoDooi.com has expressed interest in deploying their own Pharming reward pools to efficiently incentivize DEX liquidity. Through their Pharming pools, HoDooi.com will improve user trading experience, while at the same time rewarding their HODLers choosing to contribute to their increased liquidity.


Why Phantasma?

In a statement from HoDooi.com CEO Matt Luczynski, he emphasized the robustness of Phantasma’s technology, particularly with regards to cross chain interoperability, as one of the core reasons for choosing Phantasma Chain as their blockchain partner for cross chain asset swaps. Furthermore, the novelties introduced by the Phantasma Pharming protocol served as further proof that they had made the right choice.

“We have been working on this partnership with Phantasma for some time now and to finally see HoDooi.com become an official partner is great. With our focus on the HOD token and cross chain interoperability, we are honoured to have partnered with a long-term organisation that provides core capabilities which will not only benefit our HoDooi.com users but also our HOD HODLers for disruption within the space” — Matt Luczynski, CEO HoDooi.com

Phantasma Pharming introduces cross chain incentivized liquidity across multiple blockchains. In stark contrast to most farming setups, liquidity providers will no longer have to lock up their only proof that they actually own their share of liquidity pools — the LP tokens — in a potentially compromised third party smart contract!

In a comment on the partnership Bill Petridis, COO of Phantasma, notes the importance of collaboration between players in the blossoming blockchain industry – welcoming the entrepreneurial spirit that Matt, Bryson and the HoDooi.com team and community bring to the Phantasma ecosystem.

“I’ve always been a firm believer that collaboration is the key to success. It was my honour to apply working technology, representing years of development effort to the mutual benefit of kindred, entrepreneurial spirits like Matt, Bryson and the community of Hodooi who now are our family also” — Bill Petridis, COO Phantasma


Bill Petridis, COO Phantasma Chain

Matt Luczynski, CEO HoDooi


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