Scott Gallagher recently had the pleasure of sitting down with CEO and founder of GhostMarket to talk about what they have been up to and what to expect in the months ahead. Unsurprisingly, Vincent had no shortage of exciting news to share! Be sure to enjoy the full length interview, and don’t miss the summary below!

GhostMarket V2 is coming shortly!

After launching GhostMarket’s self minting service uMint in December 2020, Vincent and his team has been rolling out non stop upgrades and feature enhancements — one of the latest being implementation of Binance Smart Chain support for NFT minting and trading. However, beyond everything that has already gone into production, they have also been tirelessly working behind the scenes on the next iteration of GhostMarket — GhostMarket V2!

Currently standing at 95% completion, GhostMarket is looking to launch V2 within the coming weeks. This evolution of GhostMarket involves a complete refactoring of the whole site, fully optimized and scalable. And while the backend powering it all has received a whole lot of love and development resources to make it as fast and flexible as possible, the frontend has also undergone a full revamp with a completely new and even more user friendly design!

GhostMarket team & funding growth

As a result of the success of GhostMarket and the need to expand the team, GhostMarket is looking to raise $2M through a public fundraise in the near term. They have however already managed to raise part of the funds through private investments, allowing them to grow the team to a total of nine people spread across frontend, backend and marketing personnel. This in turn naturally allows GhostMarket to ramp up development speed and outreach significantly, so expect their breakneck development speed to further increase going forward.

The fundraise from public and private investors will see GhostMarket launch their own cross-chain governance token, with the funds being used for human resources, infrastructure and marketing as they establish themselves amongst the elite NFT marketplaces in the world.

Signing deals and taking names

GhostMarket further expects to have an announcement out in the next couple of weeks regarding projects that have been working to deploy on Phantasma and another chain, about their integration with GhostMarket. Two revenue generating private deals have already been signed with clients to use the GhostMarket infrastructure tools and API.

NFT interoperability becomes a reality!

Also revealed by Vincent in the interview, GhostMarket hopes to have the first version of NFT interoperability implemented by the end of July if all goes according to plan. While most of the technical side of this has already been completed, the team is still working on finalizing some aspects regarding to NFT feature compatibility across multiple blockchains.

Signed, sealed, delivered

As if all of the above was not enough to keep the team behind GhostMarket occupied, they are also open to offering packaged customized solutions for projects looking to launch, ranging from complete packages where GhostMarket will do all the development work necessary, to hybrid solutions in cases where clients have a preexisting level experience working with smart contracts.

Being acutely aware that trends in the cryptosphere are changing at a rapid pace, they’re positioned to be able to adapt and pivot based on feedback and sentiment, and acknowledge the need to constantly refine their business model and product offerings going forward to achieve optimum efficiency and adoption.


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