Phantasma partner and artist iggynore — creator of previous cult mobile game Light Apprentice — has launched the NFT Presale for their new mobile game! Powered by Phantasma and our Smart NFTs, Ghost Festival is preparing to go viral, merging addictive mobile gaming with true ownership and GameFi.

Visually appealing — constantly evolving!

Combining uniquely attractive visuals with engaging gameplay, players will be able to utilize Phantasma’s industry leading Smart NFT programmability to upgrade their equipment as they progress in the game, trade their assets in the marketplace and fight their way to the top of the Ghost Festival leaderboards.

With a rich roadmap for the evolving game, these are just some of the upcoming features:

  • Closed beta release shortly after the NFT presale concludes, secure your spot by having a Ghost and a Hammer, and whack your way through hordes of monsters
  • Evolve your equipment through your skilled play, trade with other players
  • Earn bonuses by holding commemorative badges and exclusive iggynore artwork on Phantasma — Exclusive Founder Badges included in the NFT presale
  • Customize your festival and visit others to explore their unique touch
  • Token launch that will reward early adopters and NFT holders!

Building on previous success

Recognized for its quality and gamer appeal, iggynore’s previous game Light Apprentice was nominated by Famitsu Magazine for best mobile game prize at Tokyo Game show 2014, and also nominated for best storytelling at Casual Connect 2014. However, the new P2E model opens up many new opportunities for developers and gamers to explore.

“It is now possible to create a future in which players will earn by having fun. No one would feel like they wasted their time ever again when playing a casual game, because they truly own their assets, and can trade earned tokens.” — iggynore

iggynore also plans on building an audience on Ethereum, the most adopted NFT blockchain today, and bring users to Phantasma.

“We need to collectively unlock the adoption that Phantasma deserves as the leading gaming and NFT blockchain. Once you start using Phantasma, there’s no turning back.” — iggynore

Bring your best Ghost!

Starting out with your Ghost avatar, you set out to hunt down and trap monsters, haunts and aberrations — sending them back to the realm of the dead. To get started, gamers buy a Ghost game character and a Hammer — and for the NFT presale iggynore has made a limited number of exclusive Founder Crates available.

Each purchase of a Founder Crate during presale guarantees that your wallet will be whitelisted for future valuable airdrops of NFTs and the game’s token.

Bear in mind that the presale is first come, first served and has a limited supply.

Inside each Founder Crate, you’ll find one Ghost, one Hammer and a Founder’s Badge, which will give passive bonuses to players.

The Ghosts come in three different rarities with increasingly scarce supplies — with the Epic Founder Crate providing more than a 90% chance to score an Epic Ghost limited to a total of just 500 Metallic cuties hidden inside the crates!

12 different hammers of varying rarity are also available, with the coveted Guardian Hammers being the hardest to come by — each Founder Crate contains both a Ghost and a Hammer, with the Rare Crate giving you the best shot at winning one of the celestial Dream Hammers!

For that engaging social element, teams of Ghosts will be able to cooperate, see each other’s avatars and compete against each other on worldwide leaderboards.Even cross-platform gameplay across desktop and mobile devices is planned for, with game-changing cross-game interoperability to allow NFTs from other projects to be used as in-game assets in Ghost Festival. As one of many measures to keep gamers engaged over time, there will be fun monthly events unlocking time-limited items and prizes all year round.

Connect with Ghost Festival on Twitter, and join their Discord and Telegram communities to stay up to date on the evolution of the game!

Get your Ghost on – join the presale! 

From one Ghost to another,

Your Phantasma Team

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