GDC 2022 – Day 2 Recap

Please Read Day 1 Recap Here

The 2nd Day Started Early…

Even though the show floor wouldn’t be opening until 10am, the team found themselves meeting unplanned for breakfast in the hotel around 7:30a. In case you don’t know, this is a rather unusual thing to happen to a group of somewhat jet lagged middle-aged men from around the globe. A couple of the team members had been up for a couple of hours, the others woke up in the middle of the night around the same time, but every one of the team members went to sleep and woke up with Phantasma at the front of their minds.  We all knew day two was going to be equally exciting.

Dylan & Scott headed to Office Depot to have the kegger cards printed and in true entrepreneurial spirit, they ran into multiple indie dev teams from Pakistan and France and had a few impromptu fruitful meetings standing next to the xerox machine…but let’s say hang tight for more from this story….

The bell rings and it’s game on, round two!  The team quickly falls into their natural states of soaking up the blockchain talk, feeling like Cinderella’s story is being heard.  The buzz of the previous day’s blockchain talks are sparking interest from some of the biggest names in the game.

It was day two  that the likes of Meta, Google and Unity were stopping by to ask Phantasma some questions.  Teams from the smallest indie devs to some of the biggest names in gaming were literally waiting in line to speak with any one of the six Phantasma team members or the other eight partners in attendance at the Phantasma booth.

Paramount Energy

The energy, conversations and relationships formed unparalleled by any of our team’s previous experiences. As if that wasn’t enough  Hustlepedia pulled Dylan, Dok & Scott away to cruise to Twitch HQ.  It’s hard to explain just how cool the office was but let’s just say that everything they say about the extravagant offices of the big tech firms in California is true.  Quite the impressive venue for Phantasma to be invited into to share their vision and perspective on the future of web 3 as the blockchain and gaming industries collided in San Francisco for the first time.

The day was winding down and there was a buzz floating around the show floor about the free beer at the Blockchain Speakeasy put on by the Phantasma crew.  A few Phantasma team members bounced around the expo inviting the other blockchains, crypto projects, indie games and the big boys to the event with the kegger cards we’d designed and printed while at the event.  Around 3pm the bar showed up, a line formed quickly after 4pm and by 5:45 two full kegs were emptied.  We got the competition immutably waxy, got our new cheerleaders pumped and met many new potential partners who were excited about our chain (and not just because of the free beer).

There’s something about San Francisco during the GDC…this the busiest week of the last three years, by far. The first big conference, while hosting the NCAA Sweet 16 and their first cruise ship in port.  The city was buzzing, a tourist centric town simply full of energy.  It didn’t matter where you went, you’d find people with GDC lanyards.

That evening at dinner a conversation of this energy came up.  Every team member had stories of scanning a lead while shopping at a retail outlet, waiting for an uber, in the elevator and even one in the bathroom!  It didn’t matter where you went, every new conversation had questions about Phantasma and NFTs in the gaming world.

The team reminisced….how we left many of our trusted and highly regarded colleagues back at home to represent our belief in the future in gaming.  We were prepared to provide our arguments of the tech in this new industry, yet after two days, we realized…we we’re just experiencing real-verse confirmations.

Phantasma was born October 2019 and has continued to build a solid blockchain.  This event, along with our partners sharing the story, we were highly welcomed in the gaming industry.  This industry needs blockchain technology, and 2022 marks first year collision of blockchain and gaming…in the real-verse, and Phantasma is a pioneer at the table.