Blockchain enabled gaming

The intersection between the imagination of game developers and the autonomy of gamers

Imagine if the in-game economy of your favourite game was pulsating with life. Closely resembling the current real world economy, gamers can own their in-game items, they can own their achievements, their characters, vehicles and weapons. Modders own their own tracks and maps, and can lease them to other players or large tournaments. You could rent that magically imbued scythe before going up against the final boss, or sell that hypercar you drove when you won the world championship – with the championship win immutably attached.

New revenue streams

Cross game synergies – next generation in-game economy

Game developers retain all their original revenue streams, but with a world of new possibilities made possible by Phantasma

  • Earn royalties on every second hand sale of game licenses or in-game assets
  • Charge tournament entry fees and build prize pools
  • Attract users from other games through enabling cross game asset usage
  • You are limited only by your imagination!

Monetize and own your game experience

Own your games, your achievements and your universe

Gamers, finally own your in-game assets! Weapons, tools, vehicles, animals, mods and achievements – it’s all stored forever on the chain, and the gamer is in full control!

  • Create and sell or lease mods to game developers and gamers
  • Monetize your game experience selling game characters and the items you’ve been grinding to get your hands on
  • Sell the game itself when you’re ready to move on, get a new one
  • You connect and control!

Blockchain unleashed – Friction free

Get that fast, friction free mainstream user experience, with none of the blockchain hassle

Legacy blockchains are slow, expensive and limited in functionality. Phantasma is fast, inexpensive and feature packed. Made for gaming and content distribution – made by game developers who know what’s needed.

From the ground up Phantasma has been built with the gamer in mind. From the super fast transactions to the industry leading native Smart NFT standard, neither gamers nor game developers need to make compromises.

Perfecting the user experience, game developers can choose to easily and affordably cover all transaction fees for their entire fan base. No cost prohibitive or technical headaches – just pure gaming bliss.

I’m a Developer, where do I go now?

Phantasma offers technical support for individual developers and studios alike who are interested in becoming a part of the growing Phantasma ecosystem and unleashing the built-in power of our feature rich blockchain and Phantasma NFTs. Register today to become part of our ecosystem!

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Power to the player

No game publisher can ever again simply “delete your assets” – only you hold the keys

Players used to have to trust the good will and intention of the game publisher. No more. Only you hold the keys to access, use, trade or destroy your assets – no trust needed.

Every game you own – every game item – every achievement – everything you have ever created – it’s all under your control. Blockchain powered gaming powers up not just the game, but you as a gamer.

Pavillion Game Hub

A Steam connected and blockchain enabled unicorn

The Pavillion game hub takes blockchain enabled gaming to the next level. Built on Phantasma by Australian game studio GOATi, Pavillion connects with your Steam account and your entire game library. Import your Steam games to Pavillion and use Pavillion as your one-stop shop.

  • Buy games with tokens or fiat currencies
  • Manage your funds
  • Download and update games
  • Browse and trade your game assets
  • Launch and immerse yourself in the next generation of gaming!

Pavillion – The next generation of gaming

Pavillion is a platform that seamlessly bridges the divide between gaming and blockchain.
Gamers get the no fuss gaming experience that they’re used to – and get to finally FULLY own and control their game licenses and in-game asset libraries.

Zero transaction fees for all – Instant and on-demand NFT minting – Cross chain interoperability

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