Phantasma and Gamevolution are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to enable developers to easily build and successfully launch blockchain games utilizing the industry’s most innovative technology. Phantasma, a layer one blockchain built by game developers for games, and Gamevolution, an incubator for blockchain games, share a common goal of helping developers overcome the barriers to entry and accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain gaming.

Gamevolution –  A Blockchain Incubator for Games

Gamevolution is a blockchain incubator for games founded by Martin Spinetto, former marketing communications director at Microsoft and CEO of Widow Games. Its mission is to share their expertise and network with experienced game developers to help them expand their current and future creations into Web3 blockchain gaming, bringing more value to the most important element: the gamers.

With over a decade of experience creating mobile games focused on quality gameplay and freemium monetization, Gamevolution has gained an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn’t when integrating blockchain technology. Their conviction is that in the long run, only games built “for gamers and not traders“, using blockchain technology to add features that increase the “fun factor”, will prevail and succeed. Gamevolution is helping their incubated projects raise over $25,000,000 via presales and VC funding.

To guide their companies, Gamevolution has built a strong team of industry experts, advisors and mentors. Among these are Danny Wilson – the co-founder of Illuvium, and Sebastien Borget – the co-founder of The Sandbox and president of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance. Furthermore, it is continuously expanding its ecosystem of tech partners, service providers and Crypto VCs to better support the companies participating in its incubator program. Phantasma is the most recent addition to the Gamevolution team of Platform Partners.

Breaking the Blockchain Gaming Barriers to Entry

Game developers trying to enter the world of Web3 blockchain gaming are met with steep barriers to entry. Complexity, cost, and limitations of first-generation NFTs are some of the biggest obstacles developers must overcome.

Developers looking to integrate their game with blockchain technology can find scattered information all over the web, but there is no definitive guide that contains everything you need to know. That’s where Gamevolution comes in. Rather than waste enormous amounts of time, resources, and money trying to figure it out on their own, game developers can accelerate the process by utilizing Gamevolution’s vast knowledge and resources.

Choosing the right blockchain platform to build a game on is a crucial step. Most platforms only support first-generation NFTs – which are static in nature, expensive to mint, and place limitations on game creativity and functionality. Phantasma’s Smart NFTs are fully programmable and allow for in-game assets that can evolve, upgrade, and change in any way a developer can imagine.

With an abundance of video-game centric blockchain features, lighting-fast transaction speeds, low cost minting-on-demand, and an interoperable infrastructure, Phantasma is bringing an entirely new experience to gamers. Phantasma’s Smart NFT blockchain technology partnered with Gamevolution’s extensive experience and expertise gives game developers all the tools they need to streamline the process of developing and launching their blockchain gaming projects with ease.

Leading the Way to Successful Web3 Game Launches

Throughout the incubation program Gamevolution and its network of experts advise and lead companies through the entire process from conception to game launch and everything in between, paving the way for long term success. The aspects covered include:

  • Litepaper & whitepaper
  • On-chain game design
  • Blockchain platform selection
  • Smart contract auditing
  • On-chain in-game economy
  • Influencer onboarding
  • Community building
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Launchpad and IDO strategy
  • Intro with DEXs and CEXs
  • Intro with Market Makers and advice on strategy
  • Strategic introductions and cross-marketing with potential platform partners
  • Fundraising with crypto VCs and selected launchpads
  • Legal foundation for the token launch

Phantasma is proud to be a Gamevolution Platform Partner. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship, while leveraging our collective resources to enable game developers and expand blockchain adoption.

If you’re a game developer and would like to learn more about building on Phantasma or about Gamevolution’s incubator program let us know about your project.

Q&A with Martin Spinetto of Gamevolution

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