Phantasma was purpose built from the ground up, for gamers by gamers. With an abundance of video-game centric blockchain features, efficient lighting-fast operation, agnostic and interoperable infrastructure, Phantasma is leading and defining the way of bringing an entirely new experience to gamers.

Here are just some of the benefits to working with Phantasma.

Funding – Phantasma is well positioned to craft a pool of incentives for otherwise unpaid team members.

Resources – Developers get excited about tools and code repositories. If you craft a narrative around shared code, the Phantasma developer community, and how Phantasma devs lift one-another, devs will listen.

Protecting Your Work – Blockchain is better protection than a copyright, both for images and code. Blockchain has several inherit advantages in regards to security for you and your users.

Flooded Market – Steam, Epic, iOS and Android are all saturated markets. But on-chain gaming is a wide open blue ocean with vast opportunities for gamers and developers

Publicity – Phantasma can lend the power of the community to raise awareness for indie dev partners.

Monetization – Most On-Chain games are profitable, in stark contrast to the vast majority of PC and mobile games which are rarely profitable. There are a variety of ways to monetize your game on chain.