Phantasma and Semkhor present: An Exclusive AMA with Wrestling Star and Entrepreneur Chris Jericho

When: January 10th @ 8PM ET (1AM UTC)

Where: Zoom – access through your Smart NFT ticket!

400 Free NFT Tickets Available

Phantasma – in collaboration with Semkhor Studios – is happy to announce that Chris Jericho and his team will be releasing a new series of exclusive Smart NFTs minted on the Phantasma blockchain.

To celebrate the upcoming release Chris will be holding an NFT ticketed, live Zoom event with surprise guests from the Phantasma Ecosystem! During the event, Chris will be sharing exciting news about his upcoming exclusive NFT Graphic Novel release based on his original Painmaker character. The best part? The event is completely free – all you need to do is to be quick enough to get yourself an NFT ticket before they’re all gone!

Tickets please

To get your free ticket head on over to the Chris Jericho AMA section on the Semkhor ecommerce site – more information to follow shortly about everything that has been happening on the backend of the Semkhor site and how it ties in with Phantasma Smart NFTs and onboarding content creators and artists without friction!

About the upcoming series

Building on the success of his initial ventures, this graphic novel series will feature numerous unique elements and be minted on Phantasma. The Smart NFTs will be made available to collectors via SOUL and KCAL on GhostMarket and via credit card utilizing the new, frictionless Semkhor ecommerce site.

The following is already known – and everything else you can ask Chris about directly during the AMA!

  • Each character from the collection shall be minted as a limited edition NFT
  • The graphic novel will be released page by page as an NFT and will have easter eggs
  • Finally the comic will be released as a complete novel in a slightly different version compared to the single pages
  • All NFTs owners will gain access to a teaser trailer of the series

The artwork for the NFT tickets to the AMA event hint at some of what Chris is planning to bring to Phantasma in the coming months:

Event and unlisted Phantasma series NFTs bonus

In addition to the above and to celebrate the event, two unlisted Painmaker Smart NFTs from Chris’ first Phantasma campaign, along with this event specific series will be made available for sale via both GhostMarket and the Semkhor E-Commerce site. Semkhor and Phantasma have also launched a unique community program that will deliver 20 SOUL and 50 KCAL to each buyer of these Smart NFTs – along with one of our fashionable Mankini tokens 😉

As a massive layer of icing on the cake, all collectors who pick up one of these 29 NFTs will also receive a physical version of the image printed on canvas and signed by Chris. Note that this also applies to all current holders of the Painmaker Smart NFTs from this series. 

But why stop there? Holders of these Smart NFTs will also receive a 10% discount on the next 5 Chris Jericho Smart NFTs purchased from the Semkhor ecommerce site – more details will be revealed in the AMA!

Get your free AMA ticket now!

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