Welcome to the next update in our series this week! After months of intense work, GOATi’s founder Garth Midgley joins Scott and Bill to provide exciting new insights into everything that’s been going on. Focus points for this update is their plans for the blockchain enabled game hub Pavillion, their growing library of blockchain enabled games, the evolution of 22 Racing Series and more!

Some highlights

  • Pavillion is celebrating its first birthday! Having gone live a year ago, Pavillion has undergone massive upgrades and feature enhancements and additions to bring it to its current advanced state!
  • AMD recently featured Pavillion’s home grown flagship game 22 Racing Series as one of seven games implementing support for their new Super Resolution feature AMD Fidelity FX!
  • GOATi has joined the NVIDIA Geforce Now streaming platform!
  • 22 Racing series is evolving — loadout configuration is now live, a feature that enables a new strategic element for both single and multiplayer races, where teams and individual racers can plan their configuration in accordance with the varying requirements of different tracks and racing styles, team member roles and strengths! Synchronous online multiplayer racing is nearing completion and will go live in the coming months!
  • The Pavillion game library is growing! Recently we’ve seen the releases of the VR exclusive Winter Fury (which will be getting an additional non VR game mode added), and the multi award winning adventure puzzle game The Gardens Between. Currently a space MMO that has been live on Steam for 5–6 years is being prepared for release with NFT integration!
  • GOATi is building an online location based simulator for a top 3 car manufacturer!


Your Phantasma Team