We are excited to announce our team of contributors is expanding with the addition of John Reusing to help with business development and ecosystem growth. John has been working with Phantasma for the last couple of months, is highly skilled, and brings a wealth of blockchain experience to the team. Welcome, John!


My name is John Reusing and I was recently promoted from SOUL holder and SmartNFT admirer to Ecosystem Growth Contributor for our wonderful chain and community.

I got my start in Crypto when I decided to hold monthly Bitcoin meetups at my cocktail bar, and let customers pay their tabs in crypto. Since those first meetings in 2011, I have watched, learned, and participated in the explosion of innovation and decentralization that is crypto and web3.

I am bringing a decade of experience running a business and many years of experience doing outside sales for tech startups to Phantasma. It is an exciting time to be selling this chain, with our unique technological advantages over EVM chains and the chance for a fresh start.

Day to day, I earn a living by building a database of crypto projects, from Layer 1 chains to DeFi projects, NFT collections, and even new DAOs. The thousands of projects I have found and researched using my Twitter scraping bot I then bundle into categories and sell them as sales leads for companies offering goods or services to customers in the crypto space. This mountain of projects I have looked into gives me a fairly unique view of the crypto space. I get to see what chains are growing and shrinking, what ideas and themes are being built, and what trends are picking up speed or fading away. I plan to use this wide view of the market to help Phantasma find and recruit the right builders and projects to grow the chain.

As I kick off some of the initiatives I have planned, my hope is that the community will join me.

Together we can turn Phantasma into a household name!

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