We are overjoyed to herald the augmentation of our group of contributors with the inclusion of Taz as our new Brand Ambassador and Ecosystem Educator. Taz, a spirited adventurer and tech aficionado, brings a whirlwind of energy and zeal to the Phantasma family and is the last member of our Phantasma SEA contributors, for now! With his diverse interests ranging from surfing to 3D printing, Taz is set to channel his dynamism into educating and galvanizing the community about the limitless horizons of Phantasma. A hearty welcome aboard, Taz!



My name is Taz, and I’m full to the brim with excitement as I embrace my new role as a Brand Ambassador and Ecosystem Educator for Phantasma – a realm where innovation knows no bounds.

My odyssey has been a mosaic of adventures, from riding waves to crafting wonders with 3D printing, and my insatiable curiosity led me to the treasure trove that is Phantasma. I am a firm believer that knowledge is the compass that guides us through the labyrinth of the digital world.

In my new capacity, I will be your guide and companion as we explore the Phantasma ecosystem together. My mission is to make Phantasma not just accessible, but also enthralling for everyone. From the crypto-curious to the seasoned veterans, I am here to illuminate the path.

But hold tight, as this is not just an educational journey – it’s an adventure! Together, we will uncover the gems of Phantasma, connect with creators, and build bridges within this thriving community.

As we set sail on this exhilarating voyage, I am committed to fostering a spirit of discovery, camaraderie, and empowerment within Phantasma.

Together, let’s chart the uncharted and craft a legacy in the blockchain cosmos!

Onward and upward,


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