We are excited to announce that motion designer and 3D artist Motion Samurai has joined the team of Phantasma contributors. Motion Samurai, a Ghostmarket OG, will be working on marketing and promotional material for the Phantasma Blockchain and we are excited to have his talents. 

Hello everyone,

You know me as Motion Samurai on social media. My path to digital art and Phantasma was long and fascinating, but in order not to tire you, I will tell you a short version.

I am a woodwork/craft teacher by education and after working with children for a while I decided to learn something new. So I came to the profession of a cook – cooking Wok, rice noodles with chicken and a couple more Asian dishes in the restaurant became my new experience.

During this period, my friends and I started our own video studio, bought equipment (cameras, lights, stabilization), and started shooting content for business. My task was to quickly master video editing and the imposition of primitive graphics. So, month after month, I mastered the necessary programs, was inspired by amazing digital artists on social networks, and absorbed their uniqueness, creativity, and courage.

In 2020 (the surge of NFT popularity) I began to dive into this topic and look for a suitable blockchain for these purposes. Gas prices on some blockchains (let’s not point fingers) reached sky-high peaks. And I was pleasantly surprised at what Phantasma was capable of with its functionality, speed, and cost.

The first, second, and third NFT, everything that I would post, people bought my art. It is very inspiring and energizing to work. The community always supports me and my endeavors.

My goal as a Phantasma Contributor is to develop the community and attract new artists/developers to our big family with the help of my vision of art.

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