Phantasma is proud to announce that DS Automobiles is coming to Pavillion through Phantasma Smart NFTs!

Eco-friendly mobility

As a part of the Stellantis group, DS Automobiles is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing across the full life cycle of both vehicles and components as well as their wider business operations, with their parent company Stellantis actively supporting a wide range of initiatives from carbon sink projects, to the circular economy of vehicle parts, to using connected car technology to launch innovative electric car sharing schemes.

Prototyping the future of electric mobility

Coming to Pavillion through Phantasma Smart NFTs, the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE prototype was conceived to be a very high-performance laboratory, intended to accelerate the development of technology for the next DS Automobiles designs.

Devised, developed and created by DS Performance after lifting the Formula E team and drivers’ titles for two consecutive seasons, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE is based on a carbon shell, twin electric motors with 600kW (815 horsepower) and a four wheel drive transmission!

Get a piece of the future — and race it!

Aligning with the first reveal of the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE on Feb 7th and running up until the final showcase at the Paris Motor Show (Oct 17th-23rd), a limited set of unique Smart NFTs will be released, giving everyone a chance to get themselves a piece of DS road going Formula E performance history.

The offering will start with the ‘100 Series’ Editions, celebrating the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE’s 100% Electric and 0–100km/h in 2 seconds achievements. These editions will be available for the first 100 days only, starting on Feb 7th @ 2pm CET, availability ending on May 18th @ 2pm CET.

Coming up after this, the period of May 18th through Oct 23rd will see special editions landing on Pavillion celebrating the achievements of DS’ Formula E team ‘DS Techeetah’ and its drivers. Sporting both the most successful team in Formula E and the most successful drivers — the only team, and driver, to win back-to-back victories in Formula E — there’s a lot to be celebrated!

Utility — collectability — cross game usage

In the true spirit of Pavillion and Phantasma, all Smart NFT vehicles will naturally have utility (as well as collectability), and will be accessible in-game in a real time physics simulated racing environment. The first in-game access of the vehicles will take place at the close of the first ‘100 Series’ edition sale, on May 18th 2022.

Focusing on decentralization, true asset ownership and expanding utility, owners of these vehicles will also be able to use them in more than one game on Pavillion — across a number of different tracks — raceable in a number of different events including prized tournaments! Keep an eye out for Pavillion’s ‘Race Hub’ with its decentralized vehicle, track and event design.

The vehicles will become available starting today, February 7th, through DS Automobiles’ Pavillion store page!


STARTS: 7.2.2022, 14:00:00

ENDS: 29.3.2022, 15:00:00


STARTS: 7.2.2022, 14:00:00

ENDS: 8.2.2022, 14:00:00