I’m a developer, where do I go now?

Phantasma offers technical support for individual developers and studios alike who are interested in becoming a part of the growing Phantasma ecosystem and unleashing the built-in power of our feature rich blockchain and Phantasma NFTs. Register today to become part of our ecosystem!

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Curious about NFTs? Create your own Phantasma Smart NFT!

Head over to GhostMarket’s Self Minting Studio and bring your music or artwork to life today – test the functionality – feel the speed – experience the affordability!

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Ready to get some SOUL & KCAL?

SOUL powers the entire Phantasma ecosystem through through staking, storage allocations, securing your Phantasma ID and governing the evolution of the blockchain. Staking SOUL earns you KCAL every single day. KCAL fuels your everyday Phantasma Experience, and is required for every action performed, from sending transactions to minting Smart NFTs

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Ready for a deeper dive?

Phantasma provides a full suite of tools and features to enable the future of content distribution. Built-in oracles, Smart NFT gaming platform, arts and music, social connectivity – you name it, we’ve got it! Dive into the whitepaper to learn more

Whitepaper [EN]
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Pavillion – The next generation of gaming

Pavillion is a platform that seamlessly bridges the divide between gaming and blockchain.
Gamers get the no fuss gaming experience that they’re used to – and get to finally FULLY own and control their game licenses and in-game asset libraries.

Zero transaction fees for all – Instant and on-demand NFT minting – Cross chain interoperability

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Get your Phantasma wallet!

Recognizing that our stories are all different, Phantasma provides wallets suiting different preferences.

The highly advanced and fully featured tri blockchain Poltergeist provides triple wallets across Phantasma, Ethereum and NEO from a single private key – while still being extremely user friendly.

Our browser extension wallet Ecto fully supports all our fungible and non fungible assets, and provides that familiar MetaMask’y feeling

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Don’t get left behind!

Phantasma evolves on a daily basis. New features, new dApps, new games and new NFT wonders are always just around the corner. Sign up to make sure you never miss out on groundbreaking updates!