Greetings, Souldiers!

Things are going great. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Phantasma 3.0 launch is nearly ready to begin. It will be executed in stages with systems checks to validate all vital components as we ramp up to full functionality.

Technical updates since November 5th

  • The chain has been undergoing testing to ensure that every preexisting feature is working as intended with the upgraded, audited codebase – examples being functionality such as deploying smart contracts, executing transactions, accumulating and claiming staking rewards and more.
  • Implemented automated tests to ensure that every single function is verified and working any time the code evolves in the future
  • During the testing phase, a few additional issues have been identified and were immediately resolved
  • During the past week we have been running the updated codebase with all existing mainnet data to ensure data integrity – this includes aspects such as balances, smart contracts, NFTs and everything else currently existing on our mainnet
  • Pharming connectivity and functionality has been validated and is working as intended with the new codebase

Where we are at

We have resolved all outstanding tickets, and the feature-rich version of the mainnet we have been working on is in the final stages of testing.

We should have the final review report by Hacken soon, and our full blockchain protocol audit will be complete. Once we have the green light from Hacken, we will launch the mainnet with on-chain functionality like; staking, claiming, sending, receiving, and minting Smart NFTs. Projects will also be able to build and launch on Phantasma.

We are coordinating with Kucoin to set up the exchange/wallet transfers. Activation will occur as soon as both parties are confident that the new mainnet codebase is operating flawlessly. We expect this to happen within weeks of the mainnet going live.

Security and communication

Because of recent events and current market conditions, we believe people are focusing more than ever on safeguarding assets. Everyone holding SOUL, KCAL, and other tokens on Phantasma can now feel confident that the blockchain code is secure.

In terms of marketing, part of our relaunch awareness effort is to build messaging that will focus on how the Phantasma blockchain has been through an intensive, professional code audit by Hacken, leaders in the industry who helped track asset movement in the recent FTX hack.

We will also be rolling out more in-depth updates to our valued community, highlighting some exciting developments going on, designed to promote and expand ecosystem growth during this downtime.

Phantasma’s future is being written as we type (quite literally) – we are incredibly excited, and hope that you are too!

Your Phantasma team