We’re pleased to announce that Chris has joined our team of community managers.

Chris, also known as CryptoCris is a seasoned crypto enthusiast who embarked on his journey in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies in 2017. From the inception of Phantasma, Chris has been a dedicated supporter, captivated by the project since day one. In the early stages he contributed significantly to the development process by assisting in software testing for Phantasma. His commitment extended to community management, where he played a pivotal role in fostering engagement.

Though life’s demands temporarily led to him taking a step back, Chris has returned with renewed vigor. Eager to serve as the liason between the Phantasma community and contributors, he aspires to be the voice that bridges the gap, ensuring effective communication in both directions. Chris is determined to contribute to the success of Phantasma, drawing on his wealth of experience and passion for the crypto space. Welcome Chris!

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