Sometimes it takes an ending to guide you to a new beginning …

Hi SOULdiers!

We’re excited to finally unveil something that’s been in the works for a few weeks now.

But before we do the reveal, we’d like to start with the catalyst. 

By now, we’re all up-to-date on the recent events with a Phantasma founder that led to their exiting the project.

Once the smoke cleared from that event, we were ready to move forward again – which in turn lead to the core Phantasma contributors taking a deep dive into ‘what’ that direction was. This in turn led to the team turning to our core partners to include them in the conversation.

What emerged was a tighter connection and collaboration between Phantasma and a key partner, with a view to re-spotlight Phantasma’s founding principles of gaming, security, speed and flexibility.

And so, without further ado we are excited to announce the deep integration of Phantasma with GOATi Entertainment (developers of 22 Racing Series, Pavillion, Wonderman Nation, RaceHub and Flow) and Alt Shift Games (publishers of Wonderman Nation).

Reflecting back on the initial meetings between Phantasma and GOATi Entertainment in 2018, it was clear from the beginning that the visions for blockchain and gaming between the two parties were already aligned. And the partnership was inevitable.

Long time SOULdiers will recall that GOATi created the initial NFT standard for Phantasma. GOATi’s pivotal role in the development of the Phantasma Smart NFT can not be overstated. Their expertise was instrumental in crafting the C++ SDK for Phantasma and they minted the first ever NFTs, along with inventing, developing and releasing features like:

  •   On-Demand minting – 22RS part pack sales and unboxing, and all Pavillion Hub NFT sales.
  •   Multi-layer NFTs – All 22RS vehicles.
  •   Event NFTs – Free game licenses for Pavillion<>Steam cross-play competitions, valid during Steam Fest only.
  •   NFTs with secrets’ – 22RS’s Travala branded vehicles.

For over six years, GOATi Entertainment has been an integral partner of Phantasma, and will be now adding even more of their expertise to the project. With a depth of development and gaming expertise that spans a collective of over 200 years, and over a 100 games released, GOATi will be adding their experience across game and blockchain development, creative direction, technology direction, business development and team management, along with their direct connections to other developers and publishers in the game industry.

Where to from here?

Near term: First things first, our teams will be completing the team integration and handovers, while simultaneously maintaining support and development on the chain, with a focus on core features currently required by developers, and security.

Mid term: We have a number of great projects already deep in the works that are gearing up to launch on Phantasma in the very near future. So all sides will be working towards making all of the existing projects a success.

Beyond: We have exciting news that we’re looking forward to sharing in future. But as a teaser, you can keep in mind these pillars: Fast, Flexible, Secure, Stable & Accessible.

We’re also excited to soon reveal a brand refresh to coincide with Phantasma 3.0. Stay tuned for an unveiling that promises to redefine our identity and align closely with GOATi’s innovative spirit. We are committed to staying at the forefront of blockchain technology.  Get ready to experience Phantasma in a whole new light!

In the meantime, we’ll be holding a live video AMA with core contributors from Phantasma and GOATi, including Bill Petridis & Garth Midgley (GOATi Founder). Yes, we are thrilled to welcome back Bill to active day-to-day operations at Phantasma! Bill played a pivotal role in leading the project during its formative years, and his return signifies a reinvigorated commitment to the values and vision that have helped guide Phantasma.

The date for this event will be announced soon. So be sure to get all your questions ready!

As we look ahead to the future, we are filled with optimism and excitement for what lies ahead. With GOATi at the helm and the continued support of our passionate community, we are confident that Phantasma will thrive and redefine the possibilities of blockchain gaming.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication.


Your Phantasma Contributors, GOATi Entertainment & Alt Shift Games