unleashes the power of the Phantasma blockchain, allowing creatives the ability to unlock the full potential of their digital content by collaborating with Jay & Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio.

The Smokin’ Tokens include five Platinum Tokens that entitle the holder to a cameo in Kevin Smith’s upcoming sequel Clerks III, which has a crypto storyline.

DOWNLOAD Quick Reference Guide Now is a collaborative effort by an exclusive group of creators to develop unique NFT collections and other decentralized applications catering to the entertainment industry. NFTs can be viewed as an evolution in the distribution of short films, web series and other digital content — but exponentially more creative. Semkhor has harnessed the power of the Phantasma blockchain to unlock the full potential of media content.

We look forward to building long term interactions with artists and their audiences, providing a platform that allows them unlimited creativity. presents an array of elite filmmakers, actors, musicians and photographers creating digital masterpieces on the marketplace. One of the most exciting things happening at Semkhor is that legendary filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed that he’ll be selling his next film, the completed horror anthology Killroy Was Here, as an NFT.

About Killroy was here, Kevin Smith notes in an interview with IndieWire that “It’s got a theme that runs through it, in as much as our monster Killroy, and all these little stories that happen around him. He’s kind of like a kid-avenger — if you fuck with kids, Killroy will show up,” he said. The titular character is based on the “Kilroy was here” graffiti phenomena that’s been around since the 1940s: A doodle of a bald-headed man peeking over a wall with his enormous nose most prominently extended over the wall. For the film, Smith tapped makeup artist Bob Kurtzman to create a character that honored the original graffiti while also being suitable for a horror movie. “It’s fucking horrifying but it’s also like horrifying and goofy at the same time. I mean if you look real close when you see Killroy, it looks like he’s got a giant dick for a nose,” Smith said. “It’s supposed to be his features are melted because — well, I don’t want to spoil it.”

Smith famously launched his career in 1994, selling his first feature, the ultra-low-budget classic Clerks at the Sundance Film Festival. Beginning Wednesday, April 28 2021, he’s hawking NFTs, via the Jay & Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio.

Kevin Smith’s world premier of his Smokin’ Tokens includes five Platinum Tokens that entitle the holder to a cameo in Smith’s upcoming sequel Clerks 3, which has a crypto storyline. A second drop, a month later, will feature five more Platinum Tokens, plus the big prize: a token awarding the holder the rights to exhibit, distribute, and stream Killroy Was Here. The film cost under $1 million to make and stars Azita Ghanizada, Ryan O’Nan, the pro wrestler Chris Jericho, and Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith.The best part about this is that being able to add these unique digital collectibles to your NFT library is only a few clicks away.

One of the brilliant creators on is legendary movie producer Kevin Smith director of the classic films Clerks, Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob. Killroy is Here is the world’s first comic book which gives fans an exclusive sneak preview of the film Killroy Was Here.

More value – more collecting – more fun!

– Everyone who purchases ANY Jay & Silent Bob, Killroy or Bluntman and Chronic NFT will receive a bonus Jay & Silent Bob :heart: Pavillion tribute NFT after the sale has ended!

– 50 users will be drawn at random among everyone who purchases ANY Jay & Silent Bob, Killroy or Bluntman and Chronic NFT to receive a Mooby bonus NFT with a secret code that can be redeemed for Jay & Silent Bob merchandise hand picked by Jay & Silent Bob themselves!
– Pining for one of those Platinum Smokin’ Tokens and that Uncuttable Crypto Cameo in Clerks III? Get your lottery ticket here! Kevin Smith will be drawing one random winner among those who purchase a coloured Smokin’ Token – and ANOTHER winner among those who purchase the Killroy Teaser NFT! Winners will receive a Platinum Smokin’ Token directly to their wallet and be entitled to an Uncuttable Crypto Cameo in the crypto themed Clerks III!

1 — Get Wallet & Connect

From the navigation bar click Account > My Wallet > Download Ecto.

Phantasma’s Ecto wallet is a browser extension wallet similar to Ethereum’s Metamask and is interoperable with both Ethereum and Neo blockchains. Here is the user guide for the Ecto wallet.

Download your Ecto wallet.

Click the Ecto extension wallet icon from your browser. To create your new Ecto wallet and generate your private keys, click the Generate A New Wallet button.

Click the Ecto wallet icon in the upper right hand corner to display the wallets user interface (UI).

Note: Make sure to back up your WIF or your HEX — if your device malfunctions, you will need one of these to recover your funds. After you have created the account you can click your address at the top of the UI. You will see a screen that says Select Wallets. Click the button with 3 dots to extract your private keys. Make sure to back these up and never reveal them to anyone. Do not store your WIF or HEX on a computer or laptop. We suggest using a thumb drive or on paper with a duplicate copy and stored in a safe place. A best practice is to use either a metal backup like CryptoSteel for seed words or stored encrypted with Keypass XC on a (preferably encrypted) removable drive in a secure location.

Click the Import Wallet button.

Your Ecto wallet details.

Make sure you back up your private key.

You are asked if you want to add a password to your wallet. We strongly advise you to do this. Choose a strong password, back it up, and click on Import Wallet.

Set a wallet password.

After clicking Import Wallet you are done creating your new Ecto wallet. Congratulations!

Bookmark and connect your wallet. From the navigation bar click Account > My Wallets > Log in with Ecto. Your wallet will prompt you to give the dApp access to your wallet, click Connect.

Connect to via your Phantasma Ecto wallet.

Once connected you will see your Semkhor NFT library.

2 — Buy Crypto

Before starting your collection you need to add funds to your wallet. allows you to purchase ETH tokens with fiat via your credit card. Click Buy Crypto and enter the amount of ETH you want to buy in your nations currency.

Enter the amount of ETH you want to buy in your nations currency. facilitates fiat to crypto conversions via Moonpay/Wyre. Moonpay requires KYC (know your customer) identification, while Wyre doesn’t require KYC, but may have a slightly less efficient conversion rate. uses Moonpay and Wyre to facilitate it’s fiat to crypto conversions.

Your Phantasma Ecto wallet also contains an ETH wallet. Click Multi Chains > Send on Ethereum and copy your ETH address. This allows the seller, Moonpay/Wyre, to send your funds to your Ecto wallet.

Send your ETH funds to your Ecto wallet.

Enter your verification code sent to your e-mail.

3 — Swapping from Ethereum to Phantasma

NOTE: Swapping to and from Ethereum is contingent on the speed of the Ethereum blockchain — you may face delays if it is congested, and it will be far slower than you are used to on the Phantasma blockchain.

Swap from Ethereum to Phantasma

In this step, you need to select which asset you want to swap. In this example we are swapping Ethereum ETH into Phantasma ETH. Click the swap button that correlates to ETH.

Choose the asset you wish to swap

Enter the amount that you want to swap and click on Next.

Input the amount you wish to swap

NOTE: Gwei is a small unit of the Ethereum network’s Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency. A gwei is defined as 1,000,000,000 wei, the smallest base unit of Ether. One gwei equals 0.000000001 or 10^–9 ETH. Conversely, 1 ETH represents 1 billion gwei!

Gwei is a useful denomination to calculate gas fees (paid to miners for transaction processing) in a convenient way. The higher gwei fee you choose to pay, the faster your transaction will be processed by Ethereum’s miners. You can check the latest Ethereum transaction costs at the ETH gas station.

You will need to authorize all transactions in the wallet with your password. Enter your password here and click Sign TX in order to proceed with the swap.

Input your password to authorize the transaction

Ethereum-Phantasma swaps require 12 Eth confirmations

When you get the Pending Swaps notification, your Ethereum asset has been successfully swapped into the corresponding Phantasma asset in your Phantasma wallet! Click on the Claim button in order to receive the swapped asset that’s currently pending.

Claim your pending asset

Congrats! You have now completed the swap from Ethereum to Phantasma! You can check the transaction in the Activity tab.

Ecto’s transaction history

4 – Staking and setting a name for your wallet

Note: This is not mandatory to be able to buy Jay & Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio NFTs

One of the unique features of Phantasma’s Ecto wallet is that you can use your account with a name instead of a public address. Staking at least 2 SOUL allows you to claim your Phantasma name on-chain so that Bill can send funds to Rob instead of P2KJXe8W1z…Ju4D4nWmm to P7RJMe8Q1a…Wu8D4nNcc. This guide assumes that you have at least 2 SOUL present in your Phantasma mainnet “P…” wallet. If you do not yet have that, you can read more about SOUL here, and you will find full wallet tutorials here.

To access the staking and sending options click on the SOUL asset and the options to send and stake will appear. Click Stake.

Staking your SOUL
Input the amount of SOUL you wish to stake

Press Stake after you have entered the amount of SOUL you want to stake.

You will need to authorize all transactions in the wallet with your password. Enter your password here and click Sign TX in order to proceed with staking.

Input your password to confirm the transaction

Click the register a name button at the top of your Ecto wallet, Pick your name and click Next.

You will need to authorize all transactions in your wallet with your password. Enter your password and click Sign TX in order to complete your name registration.

Register your account with a name instead of a public address.

5 – Explore Artists Collections

Click Collection in the navigation bar to access the artists profiles.

  • Click on an artist’s profile and explore their digital creations.
  • Remember that your Ecto wallet will always ask for your approval before confirming your purchase.

6 – Explore Marketplace

Click Marketplace >All NFTs in the navigation bar to take you inside the marketplace.

  • Explore the various NFT types: films, music, photography and even comic books.
  • Explore the most recent activity, number of users, transactions and sales volume.

For technical support you can always hit up the friendly staff and community responsible for our blockchain backend technology at the Phantasma Telegram group.

Happy collecting!

David Shapiro of Semkhor