In a recent article by Cointelegraph and flurry of supporting Tweets (Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3), CT shows that they understand the value proposition of Phantasma’s custom built and scalable blockchain platform better than most, spotlighting cross-chain interoperability, new project launches and the popularity of NFT gaming.

Smart NFTs in 2022

Cointelegraph emphasizes Phantasma’s L1 blockchain platform and our gaming applications enabled by the unique Phantasma Smart NFTs as a key value driver for the ecosystem. Pointing to the widespread appeal of NFT technology for newcomers and seasoned blockchain afficionados alike, Cointelegraph expects this technology to contribute to mass adoption throughout 2022.

Ecosystem growth

For Cointelegraph, one of the biggest value-adds for the ecosystem is the launch of new projects on our platform. The role-playing hybrid physical and digital game Blood Rune, the metaverse Play 2 Earn game Wonderman Nation and the addictive NFT powered mobile game Ghost Festival all recently launched NFT or fungible token presales, with Ghost Festival slated for an early Q1 beta release of their game. Joining the cross chain NFT marketplace GhostMarket and with a long line of releases building up for the Phantasma based smart NFT powered game hub Pavillion, 2022 is looking exceedingly bright for the ecosystem.

Dual token system on a carbon negative blockchain

Comparing Phantasma to legacy blockchains like Ethereum, Cointelegraph draws attention to Phantasma’s certified carbon negativity as a major strength setting Phantasma apart. Together with our dual token system, where SOUL token holders can stake to earn KCAL and enjoy free transactions, this represents some of the main reasons to choose Phantasma over other chains according to Cointelegraph.

Cross-chain interoperability

The combination of high throughput on the native Phantasma mainnet, our cross-chain interoperability with multiple blockchains — namely Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Neo — is another major advantage highlighted by Cointelegraph together with Phantasma’s native oracle capabilites. Cointelegraph accurately notes that blockchain projects that have already focused on interoperability across chains are likely to outperform those who haven’t, incentivizing crypto users to become increasingly comfortable moving assets across multiple blockchains.

The year of Phantasma

In their final words, Cointelegraph concludes that Phantasma’s high throughput and low-cost capabilities make us an attractive option for gamers wishing to maximize their earnings without being subjected to exorbitant fees along the way. Noting that the interest in gaming and NFT technology shows no sign of dissipating in the near future, Cointelegraph believes that the future is bright for projects like Phantasma that focus on facilitating the growth and adoption of this technology as NFTs become more mainstream.

We would like to thank Cointelegraph for their well researched article, and their contribution to making Phantasma’s capabilites and the potential of our platform and ecosystem more widely known!

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