Phantasma has secured a partnership with Bountie Hunter.  This will give the games built on Phantasma the potential to reach a very large audience in an engaging way.  Bountie Hunter will also help facilitate introductions to various gaming studios who may be looking to build on a blockchain.  This synergistic relationship will also help provide the Bountie Hunter audience with great quality games that are plugged into Phantasma.

Bountie Hunter is a one stop portal that provides its 250,000+ South East Asian (SEA) gaming community with opportunities to discover and invest in crypto gaming and metaverse projects. The global Esport audience is expected to reach 577 million people. Bountie Hunter continues to build their massive gaming community by introducing playable games to help facilitate new ways to play and earn.

Bountie Hunter began back in 2017 and has its own crypto project built on the Binance chain, their recently held IDO & listed on Apeswap.  Bountie  Hunter has four main features.  They have a hybrid app, a mix between (Esports find and organise platform) and LaunchPad functions. Staking and un-staking to earn Bountie tokens with their own tiers tracking they also provide Farm/Pool (Stake $BOUNTIE + $BNB and earn $BANANA). Smart contracts for prize pools that winners can claim and several wallet integrations. Quests (Esports Tournament, Airdrop, Livestream & Giveaway Campaign) with Crypto Gaming Projects Tokens, NFTs and stable coins rewards. They have hosted over 3,000 tournaments and have a prize pool facilitated of $300,000. Bountie Hunter also has access to more than 300 community event organisers with a total reach of 3.5 million gamers.

Phantasma will introduce our gaming partners to the Bountie Hunter team for the potential to be included into their community ecosystem.  Once in their ecosystem, an education process is developed to help inform the 250,000+ SEA gamers about the game, how to play, set up wallets and tokens needed. Then opportunities for Esport campaigns can be developed. This provides a tremendous exposure for games built on Phantasma. Bountie Hunter also has many connections to gaming studios within the SEA region who are discovering blockchain gaming. The Bountie Hunter team believes that Phantasma as a layer 1 gaming blockchain, Smart NFT technology and being certified carbon negative could yield interest from these gaming studios.

Phantasma welcomes the Bountie Hunter team and their community to the Phantasma ecosystem.  This partnership will excel growth in the blockchain gaming space to benefit both platforms. We look forward to a strong and beneficial relationship with Bountie Hunter.

. Let the hunt begin!

Your Phantasma Team

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