BitBoy Crypto, currently the biggest crypto YouTuber in the world with 1.4 million subscribers, tips Phantasma as one of his top 5 Crypto Coins of 2022!

Decentralized ownership is the future of art, media and creativity and the team at Phantasma has positioned itself to be one of the leaders in the blockchain media-verse. Phantasma is a blockchain built for gaming and NFTs allowing for digital assets to be created on demand with low fees.

Nested NFTs that carry perpetual royalties but also give creators more control of their work with the option to time control the access to the content.

Want to host an exclusive event in the metaverse? Want to send out some award season screeners of your movie but not have it pirated? Put it on Phantasma!

The roadmap for Phantasma is well thoughtout and shows real progress for attainable goals… something that’s missing from a lot of NFT projects these days.

2022 is going to be the year of content for Phantasma where they’ll be adding games and NFTs to their platform.

The governance token for Phantasma is called SOUL. It’s available on several exchanges. Having a few of these tokens will make a lot of sense for any portfolio that wants to be diversified into NFTs.

~ BitBoy Crypto