Empowering Mythological Immersion: Phantasma and Battle of Gods Forge a Transformative Alliance

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting agreement between Phantasma and Battle of Gods as they make the transition from board to the blockchain, bringing their game that immerses players in a mythological universe where they can become gods themselves.


Ascend to Divinity: Saving Forgotten Gods and Conquering Quests

Unleash your potential in the awe-inspiring Mythoverse, the sprawling blockchain realm where divinity awaits those who dare to venture. Become a deity by rescuing forgotten Gods and completing captivating quests that will test your mettle.

Traverse the tapestry of ancient mythologies, immersing yourself in their enthralling lore while encountering an array of mystical monsters and captivating creatures. Equip your divine beings with powerful relics, amass treasures, and engage in a bustling marketplace to buy and sell coveted artifacts, while the enchanting Bazaar beckons with its magical potions.

Employ strategic prowess, harness your mystical abilities, and engage in thrilling competitions against fellow players to ascend as the chosen one. Brace yourself for the unparalleled odyssey that awaits within the Battle of Gods. Are you prepared to embark on this epic journey?

Unleashing Limitless Innovation: How the Alliance Elevates Battle of Gods

Battle of Gods will leverage Phantasma’s advanced tools, seamless integration, and limitless potential for innovation. It brings to life the dynamic, interactive elements of Battle of Gods through Phantasma’s fast, affordable minting process for SmartNFTs.

Phantasma’s commitment to sustainability, fairness, and security ensures low-cost minting, fair compensation for creators, and advanced encryption protocols. This aligns perfectly with Battle of Gods’ ethos of providing both entertainment and potential financial rewards for players.

Following the Mythological path

We will work closely with Battle of Gods, meticulously capturing the enthralling journey of transitioning from traditional board games to the dynamic realm of blockchain technology.

This remarkable endeavor not only paves the path for aspiring enthusiasts yearning to traverse the boundaries of tabletop gaming into the digital domain but serves as an avant-garde beacon, illuminating the uncharted territories for others seeking to emulate.

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Battle of Gods, an ambitious and exciting game, meticulously crafted by the visionary Portuguese brothers, Daniel and Ricardo Antunes. After four years of unwavering dedication, this project is poised to unveil its magnificence.

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey as the Battle of Gods team, in collaboration with our esteemed development team, transforms this extraordinary creation into a digital masterpiece on Phantasma.


Mark Your Calendars: The Exciting Kickstarter Campaign Approaching in October 2023

Anticipate their Kickstarter campaign, slated for October 2023, as we extend an invitation to join their thriving community and witness the evolution of this remarkable game on its path to launch. The team will also be in attendance at Essen 2023, the world’s largest public fair for board games, running from October 5th-8th

Together, let us enjoy everything within this inspiring project and embrace the unfolding process, as we eagerly await yet another groundbreaking game release on the immersive Phantasma ecosystem.

Look out for more information and interviews coming soon.

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