If you can’t sell it, you don’t own it!

Future-Proof Your Digital Game Library with Pavillion: A Revolution in Gaming Ownership

Gaming transcends being merely a hobby; it’s a vibrant dynamic culture teeming with interactive experiences that connect and inspire. Gaming is a gateway to vast digital landscapes where stories unfold, and adventures await.

It’s a social platform where friendships are forged over shared challenges and victories, in a creative space where imagination meets strategy.

As gamers engage with these dynamic worlds, they’re not just playing—they’re participating in a rich tapestry of narratives and community-driven events that make gaming a continually evolving culture.

However, a glaring problem persists—the precariousness of digital ownership. What if you could own your games, truly and fully, long after the official servers shut down?

Pavillion, built on the Phantasma Blockchain, is pioneering a revolutionary shift towards sustainable, decentralized game distribution and management that promises to redefine digital rights in the gaming universe.

The Crisis of Ephemeral Digital Rights

Imagine investing in a digital game, expecting it to entertain you for years, only to find it unplayable when the developers cease support. Think this won’t happen to your favorite game? Think again:


This scenario is increasingly common, where digital games vanish, taking your investment and passion with them. Unlike tangible goods, digital games have become temporary, often disappearing from collections without a trace. This shift towards ephemeral digital rights is eroding trust and diminishing the true value of gaming.

Pavillion Solution: Empowering Gamers

With Pavillion, your games are preserved indefinitely, thanks to blockchain technology that ensures every purchase is secured as your property, immune to revocation or disappearance. How?

  1. Decentralized CDN Game Downloads

A decentralized Content Delivery Network (CDN) accelerates game downloads through a peer-to-peer system, eliminating reliance on single servers and ensuring consistent availability. Instead of everyone downloading a favorite video game or movie from a single server—which can be slow or crash if overloaded—you all share parts of the file among yourselves.

Rather than relying on one central source, you share resources, improving performance and reducing the load. Each person or device acts as a mini server, distributing content to those who need it. This smart approach to handling and sharing digital content leverages the collective power of all involved.

  1. Community-Run Servers:

Enable gamers to host their own game servers, providing a continuous gaming experience without dependency on the original developers. As long as there’s interest in the game this DIY solution to the problem allows you and your friends to keep playing and not be at the mercy of the game’s original creators; you have the control, and these experiences will be a thing of the past:


  1. NFT Integration:

Each game or in-game digital asset/collectible is tokenized as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which means you truly own your digital assets—they can be sold, traded, interoperable across games, prove provenance and scarcity, reduce fraud, and kept forever, establishing a legacy for gamers to pass down through generations.

The Immediate Benefits for Gamers

Pavillion isn’t just about accessing games; it’s about securing a future where your digital assets persist:

  • Permanence: Enjoy games without fear of them being arbitrarily pulled or becoming inaccessible.
  • Control: Manage, share, and distribute your games as you see fit, on your terms.
  • Community Strength: Engage with a vibrant community that not only plays games but also sustains and enriches them.

Why This Matters

The transition to digital has promised convenience but often at the cost of permanence and control. Pavillion is changing the narrative by providing a platform where digital games will be as permanent as the discs and cartridges of old, ensuring today’s games can become tomorrow’s legends

This shift not only respects the financial investment of gamers but also honors the artistic and cultural significance of games as enduring works.

Join the Gaming Revolution

Your role is crucial. By embracing Pavillion, you advocate for a future where games are treated as valued possessions, not fleeting amusements.

Preserve Our Digital Playgrounds

As Pavillion gets ready to launch a number of games, this is your invitation to break free from the constraints of conventional gaming markets and step into a realm where you are in complete control of your digital destiny. Embrace Pavillion, sign up NOW, and let’s build a future where every game’s legacy can endure.

If you can’t sell it, you don’t own it!