What are the 2023Q2 Roadmap results?

The 2023Q2 Roadmap journey has been ambitious.  Much progress has been made to address many of the complexities to the milestones.  With less than a week before the end of 2023Q2, here is the status of the key milestones:  

    • Stuck swaps on BSC & ETH are on the cusp of being activated.  It is anticipated that next week or shortly thereafter the remaining tasks will be executed successfully.
    • Re-enable BSC & ETH cross-chain swap process is being completely transformed from the original plan to a radically different one.  Cross-chain swaps were originally baked into the Phantasma chain as a function.  That function has been completely removed from the chain and instead a revolutionary decentralized peer-to-peer “TokenSwapper” to render all cross-chain swaps is currently in development.  This is a tremendous improvement and adds more clarity to Phantasma’s decentralization in the current regulatory environment.  During Q2, the Token Swapper development started from scratch and already a lot of progress has been made.  It will require more time to be completed and perform rigorous testing. The token swapper will tie into the development of the Phantasma DEX which is scheduled to launch in Q3.  The Development Contributors are working towards a fully functioning TokenSwapper to be deployed sometime in Q3.  As a result, this has delayed BSC & ETH cross-chain swaps.
    • BSC & ETH claiming portal, due to the delay in re-enabling BSC & ETH cross chain swaps, a claiming portal will be activated this week which will allow those with SOUL & KCAL on BSC & ETH to be claimed and moved to Phantasma mainnet.  More details will be announced when the claiming portal is ready to be deployed.
    • The Nep-5 SOUL claiming portal has generated some additional unforeseen complexities that will require more time on a technical level to sort out and execute in early Q3.
    • A pleasure to announce that Phantasma Voting using a DAO is coming and will be rolled out in stages.  Phantasma Voting is not just the vote itself, but is composed of a number of steps leading up to a vote, the actual vote itself and ultimately implementing the outcome of the vote.  Release of the full details about this process within the next few days.  This underpins further efforts for Phantasma to be a decentralized blockchain and ecosystem run by and for the Phantasma community.
    • Phantasma Tools has been transformed into the Phantasma Hub.  This webpage hub consists of a ton of features such as DAO creation, voting, mass minting, mass token & NFT airdrops, multi signatures, smart contract testing + deployment + management, and more.  Though many of the features are functional, the official launch of Phantasma Hub will occur once all the tools are ready sometime in Q3.  A comprehensive review of all the features will then be presented to the community.
    • Semkhor announced this past weekend that their very own development initiative, a DIY NFT campaign e-commerce shopping cart will soon launch.  The Chris Jericho NFT campaign that utilizes the e-commerce shopping cart platform will launch by Semkhor this Thursday, June 29th.  It will provide access to Chris Jericho’s digital comic with integrated, simple games and animations (a physical version will also be available).  These NFTs will only be available on Phantasma and can be minted this week.  Once minted, you will have the ability to bridge the NFTs to OpenSea if you wish.
    • Documentation updates have been improved during the course of Q2.  In fact, Tek has been going above and beyond by adding video tutorials along with updating the written documentation.  Improving documentation is a never-ending process and will continue in the foreseeable future to create a simple and frictionless experience for all developers.  Additionally, the Phantasma AI Bot development is progressing nicely and should see a release in Q3.  It will provide development AMA capabilities such as creating actual smart contracts, dApp development, and everything you need to know from Phantasma’s updated documentation.  Whether you are a seasoned developer or have zero coding skills, building on Phantasma will have never been as easy.

What are we doing to rectify the 2023Q2 Roadmap delays?

The commitment is to bring Phantasma back to full functionality which means making all community members affected, whole again.  The top 3 priorities to achieve this are the following.

    1. Stuck Swaps on BSC & ETH
    2. NEP-5  claiming portal
    3. TokenSwapper for BSC & ETH swaps

Expansion of the Development Contributors will ensure more multiple focuses on different tasks are achieved and fresh eyes for more efficient solutions.  The Development Contributors have updated the development tickets and are improving the development process flow.  

The top 3 priority item updates will be included in the fortnightly updates until completion for increased communication and transparency to keep the community informed.  The setbacks from Q2 may push the launch of the new wallet from Q3 to Q4 otherwise will not have any further impact on the Q3 milestone deliverables which are already well underway in development.

Community Contributors are fully committed for success

Phantasma Community Contributors are working tirelessly towards successfully achieving all development milestones and business development and marketing pursuits.  There is no time to make excuses.  The focus is to deliver functionality that makes community members whole again, ensuring it is done safely and in a timely manner.

Additionally, a lot of effort in tandem with achieving the roadmap milestones has been to entirely refactor the Phantasma code.  Through this modification, it allows the code to be more readable, manageable and reduces technical debt.  

With the addition of Paul West, our newest Developer Contributor, Paul brings 30 years of experience and has been involved with over 50 projects, he is a  huge asset that has been added to the Phantasma ecosystem.

The past month has been solid for ecosystem updates ranging from the DIY NFT campaign e-commerce shopping cart, progress report from Pavillion Hub on Wonderman, SOUL integration on HoudiniSwap, SOUL listing on Cryptology Exchange, project Sandy, and Battle of Gods game integrations.  

The Ecosystem Growth Contributors have plenty more to come that will be shared with you when ready to be announced.  Ranging from:

  1. Greater accessibility for the masses to become involved in the Phantasma ecosystem through a fiat on/off ramp.
  2. A gaming studio’s mobile game to be integrated into Phantasma.
  3. A new marketing initiative that includes the newly announced Marketing and Ecosystem Growth Contributor Motion Samurai.  An extraordinarily talented 3D artist, motion designer, and very popular community member with his Phantasma-based NFTs, along with a soon-to-be-announced new group of Marketing and Ecosystem Growth Contributors.  Together, they will bring forth a fresh marketing approach to blockchain educational content, all things Phantasma, and market towards huge regional opportunities such as the valuable South East Asia (SEA) mobile gaming market.  

Ecosystem Growth Contributors are making new contacts and networking initiatives are being pursued.  Discussions with many projects, some government entities, infrastructure opportunities, and more are being explored to further grow the ecosystem and yield some exciting developments and deliverables in Q3.

Phantasma Community Contributors are privileged to have you here and involved with Phantasma’s journey as a decentralized platform.  As a community, that journey will continue towards achieving the goals for a feature-rich blockchain and flourishing ecosystem.  

The journey is sometimes not in a straight line as preferred but through blood, sweat, and tears from committed community efforts, the best path possible will be forged ahead.

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