The Phantasma team is pleased to announce another great P2E gaming project that is currently integrating Phantasma’s advanced Smart NFT capabilities to take their game to the next level!  1-UP aims to take P2E gaming to new heights allowing players to compete, create, and collaborate by minting game-changing NFTs, hosting custom tournaments and designing custom in-game content and playable levels.

Playable beta, plenty in the pipeline – backed by Smart NFTs!

1-UP already has a playable beta game, Retro World, which will be instantly familiar to any fan of nostalgic 2D side scrolling platformers.  A second, custom built 2.5D game engine is in the works to enable gamers to play their favourite meme characters, fully integrated with Phantasma’s Smart NFT technology. The 1-UP team performed a lot of research as part of their process to fully understand the versatility of Smart NFTs and other chain features.  Armed with this knowledge, and having already investigated the features and limitations available to game developers on several other blockchains, the 1-UP team instantly embraced the Phantasma ecosystem. Consequently, the the 1-UP fungible token, which currently exists on the Ethereum blockchain, will be the first Erc20 Ethereum based project token to employ Phantasma’s native ability for cross-chain bridging!

Win – Build – Play – Guild = Earn

The 1-UP platform is creating a P2E model that will allow any gamer to generate income in a variety of ways:

  • WIN TO EARN compete against other players in arena mode, team deathmatches and battle royale. Wager in 10-100 player games, cash out in crypto and host tournaments for your group or community.
  • BUILD TO EARN by creating custom in-game content such as skins, game levels, textures and sound packs, earning royalties as your content is used.
  • PLAY TO EARN grinding through free to play games to win dynamic NFT components, collecting stacks of components and skins for upgradable NFTs. Level up through the ranks and gain access to special forging rooms, earning badges and rewards as you climb the leaderboards.
  • GUILD TO EARN with a dedicated user interface for guild management, where owners can create highly skilled player teams, participate in W2E or P2E games with automated profit splits, and form content creator guilds for a collaborative build to earn experience.

Within this ecosystem, users will utilize the 1-UP NFT shop to buy and sell NFT weapons, armor and more; allowing gamers to upgrade characters and improve a player’s competitiveness.

Join the FUN – and the weekly beta testing Sundays 6pm UTC

The 1-UP team is committed to making their platform accessible for everyone – and to bring actual game play ‘FUN’ to the P2E space.  The 1-UP team is comprised of talented developers, artists and passionate members who are already well on the way to launching their platform. Keep your eyes peeled for the 1-UP Gen 1 NFT launch where 3 types of limited supply NFTs will be available for sale – mini dragon eggs, ethereal dragon eggs and elemental dragon eggs.  These eggs will come with exclusive benefits within the ecosystem, to be revealed by the 1-UP team. The 1-UP team would also like to invite all the Phantasma SOULdiers to the weekly gameplay beta testing happening every Sunday at 6pm UTC / 12pm CST.  Check out the 1-UP FUN Discord for more details.

Spreading the gospel – powered by Smart NFTs

Phantasma is delighted to have developed this relationship with 1-UP. Each and every game and gaming ecosystem being built and deployed within the Phantasma ecosystem confirms that game developers understand the value of the unique benefits that Phantasma’s powerful chain features and Smart NFTs can offer to the gaming community. 1-UP is excited to join the Phantasma team at the GDC in San Francisco March 23-25, and will be bringing a stash of loot and fun things to give away. They will help spread the Phantasma gaming gospel to the far reaches of the gaming galaxy based on their own due diligence, helping fellow game developers understand the importance of choosing the right blockchain backend for your in-game economy.  Phantasma welcomes the 1-UP platform to the ecosystem and looks forward to the great future to come!

Phantasma Smart NFTs 1-UPs the competition,

Your Phantasma Team

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